Having a partner that can take the guesswork out of construction related projects gives you, the owner, peace of mind and the time to use your skills to the best benefit.

To complement our comprehensive array of other commercial real estate services, Dominion Commercial offers a team of fully licensed and insured contractors that provide a diverse group of construction services. These services can range from electrical, and HVAC installation and repair to plumbing and the internal restructuring of a facility for new tenants. In addition, we have the capability to build new from the ground up, provide both architectural and engineering services for all types of projects, as well as general repairs and maintenance when you need them. Acting as your partner, Dominion Commercial makes sure that all your projects are completed on time and on budget.

Throughout Virginia, whether you are in need of general repairs, property management, grounds maintenance or construction services, we are here to help and are only a call or click away.